The History of IESO MSc

May 6, 2009    2 min read.


The MSc programme on Integrated Emergency Obstetric Surgery was initiated at Jimma, Hawassa and Mkele Universities in January 2009. The programme was implemented by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education through the three universities. UNFPA contributed financial, technical and material support for the programme.

The MSc programme is designed to strengthen the efforts being exerted to save mothers’ lives in Ethiopia. There is a huge inequality in access to Emergency Obsetric Care services between rural/urban and rich/poor. This results in the deaths of 25,000 women each year in Ethiopia, most of them occuring among rural poor. After the successful completion of the MSc programme, the health professionals (especially those located in rural areas) will have the necessary skills and competenics to provide comprehensive Emergency Obsetric and Neonatal Care, including emergency surgery.

More than 50% of African countries have programmes that train non-physicians in integrated emergency obstetric surgery. It has been proven that the retentian rate of these mid-level professionals has been much better compared to the rates for Obstetricians, Gynecologists or GP’s.

UNFPA has donated several ambulances to support the MSc Programme and the Regional Health Bureaus where the programme is going to be implemented. It is hoped that the ambulances will help significantly reduce mortatlity rate, particularly amongst pregnant women.

For more information on the history of IESO MSc, click the following link:
UNFPA Ethiopia News (6 May 2009): MSc Programme on Integrated Emergency Obstetric Surgery launched